Learning to Love Yourself

by Marsha Lynne Norfleet

Learning to Love Yourself

Self-love should be a daily, focused practice with the inner desire to make it happen. Many people go through life never learning how to love themselves properly or at all. The result or lack thereof can create a lonely and unhappy person. Loving oneself is a physical and spiritual journey designed to help one understand who they are at the core of their existence while discovering personal likes and dislikes. The "Learning to Love Yourself" Journal and Workbook is designed to help one embrace the practice of self-love daily while fulfilling weekly tasks and activities.

About the Author: Marsha Lynne Norfleet

marsha norfleet

A mom of two and beloved grandmother of four, Marsha is creative and passionate about teaching individuals how to take time for themselves and to cherish those special moments. Though working in the private banking industry for years, Marsha gravitated to designing keepsake jewelry for women and men.

This hobby evolved into a business. In October 2016, Marsha launched Keepsakes by Marsha Lynne, which creates inspirationally based jewelry and products that promote self-love, self-discovery, and empowerment.

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